The Lovebird Foundation

Our Mission

By T.H.E.M., we are referring to YOU as the healthcare community because it takes everyone’s participation to make these much needed changes a reality. We at The Health Exchange Market are simply the means to make your future achievements possible. Just by joining, your company is aiding and empowering our many philanthropic programs which proudly serve as the core of our mission. Learn how your partnership with T.H.E.M. improves more than just your bottom line.

Hospital Helpers

We don’t operate behind closed doors. In fact, T.H.E.M. believes in keeping doors open! Did you know that 41% of rural hospitals are operating with negative margins and are in danger of closing? Thanks to the participation of our partner network, we are able to contribute a percentage of every de-identified health data exchange back into the healthcare community to assist a fellow healthcare facility experiencing hardship.

With your help, The Health Exchange Market (T.H.E.M.)’s mission is to prepare these facilities for a successful and profitable future through

  • Detailed Data Analysis
  • Management Consultation
  • Limited Financial Assistance to Remain in Operation


Are you a healthcare facility in danger of closing? Tell us your story or nominate a facility that could use help from T.H.E.M.

Gang Green

Gang Green is T.H.E.M.’s disease eradicating crowdsourcing community that brings together clinical researchers and scientists from all over the world, and encourages them to participate in Discoverable Disease Challenges. These potential scientific achievements are made possible through the use of anonymous and de-identified health data provided by our amazing partners within T.H.E.M.’s Health Exchange Market.

T.H.E.M. Will Format YOUR Unstructured Data Free of Charge

Healthcare facilities are obligated to retain up to 10 years worth of health records for audits, but yet some suggest that less than 10% of all health data has ever been utilized. Harnessing data is difficult, time consuming, and has become very costly to format years of unstructured health data captured from multiple EMR systems. The Health Exchange Market (T.H.E.M.) is committed to improving your company’s operational and financial success by helping you with this overwhelming process, regardless if you choose to participate in the data exchange.

Why do we choose to format your data for free?

  1. There is currently no unified format or outlet used for structuring health data from multiple sources, and this service is out of reach for most struggling facilities. If you qualify, we are happy to structure your raw health data because we believe that it is highly needed for your future success.
  2. Simply by allowing T.H.E.M. to format your data, you are directly contributing to the success of philanthropy programs while potentially earning profit.

Don’t have the resources to format years of data? The Health Exchange Market exists to help companies like yours!